Collection IV

Hometown Heroes 1999To order notecards, send your contribution of $12.50 

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Greensburg Art Club, 230 Todd School Road, Greensburg, PA 15601

Greensburg Art Club’s fundraiser is our Hometown Heroes Collection IV 1999 Note Cards. For each $10 donation plus $2.50 postage and handling, you will receive one package of seven notecards.

Young Fireman (Notecard) Young Fireman … A firefighter reflects weariness and hope in the aftermath of a fire.  It is hot and dangerous work.  Down near the floor, an average housefire may be 100 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  In a sitting position, the temperature may reach 350 to 400 degrees and in a standing position, the temperature could reach 1,200 to 1,300 degrees.  In a fire, safety lurks near the ground.   (Watercolor) Artist: Marian Ash
Ready, Set ... Notecard Ready, Set … A common sight in fire departments is the bunker pants squished down over the protectiver rubber fire boots.  Despite advances in equipment, it cannot be said that firefighters are well protected.  For all the technological innovation, fighting fires is still the nation’s most hazardous occupation.   (Watercolor) Artist: Louise Vrable
Ready to Go Notecard Ready to Go … Firefighters require special clothing for protection.  Their clothing may weigh as much as 30 pounds and easy access to them is vital.  They are arranged in a special place at the firefighter’s home, in the car, or at the station— always Ready to Go!  (Watercolor) Artist: Carolyn Ciciretti
Hose House and Fire Truck Notecard Hose House and Fire Truck … The most important equipment of a fire department is the fire truck.  There are several types.  The main kinds of trucks are pumpers, laddertrucks, and rescue.  The most common is the pumper which delivers 750 to 1,500 gallons of water per minute— and, of course, the most popular fire truck color is red.  The fire truck is the symbol of pride of the firefighters.  (Watercolor) Artist: Gerry Beitel
Charge ... Notecard Charge … Firefighters are worthy of honor and respect for their loyalty, courage, and service.  The rate and severity of injuries among them is the highest in the country.  More firefighters are killed in the performance of duty than are the members of any other occupation including miners, construction workers, and police officers.  (Watercolor) Artist: Alan Reese
Fire Engine Notecard Fire Engine (circa 1788) … The Pat Lyon, one of the first hand-drawn, hand-pumped engines west of the Allegheny Mountains, was originally made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Patrick Lyon, a master smith.  Water for the engines was supplied by bucket brigades.  The Pat Lyon engines were powerful, efficient, and reliable.   (Watercolor) Artist: Dolly Lynch
Signal 11 Signal 11 … Signal 11 is an old language developed in early years of radio communication.  It has three meanings: (1) All Clear, (2) Under Control, and (3) Units Can Be Released.  This form of communcation is still being used by many volunteer firefighters.  (Watercolor) Artist: Peg Panasiti


Photographer for the Greensburg Art Club Note Card Projects was Richard McWherter.

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