Collection V

 Disappearing Barns  2000To order notecards, send your contribution of $12.50 

plus your name and address to: 
Greensburg Art Club, 230 Todd School Road, Greensburg, PA 15601

Greensburg Art Club’s fundraiser is our Disappearing Barns Collection V 2000 Note Cards. . For each $10 donation plus $2.50 postage and handling, you will receive one package of seven notecards. Each card is a full color reproduction of a different Western Pennsylvania scene:

Turnpike Farm (Notecard) Turnpike Farm … Built in 1903 by Robert A. Eisaman on the Eisaman estate in West Hempfield, the farm was bisected by the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 1938. The barn now stands on the Pike’s west side. Eisaman’s nephew Carl Logan, his wife Nancy and their children presently operate the farm.
(Ink and colored pencil) Artist: Alan Reese
The Weaver Barn Notecard The Weaver Barn … The Weaver Barn, depicted in the photo, formerly known as the ‘Barn on Mt. Pleasant Road’, is owned and operated by the Daryl Weaver family. It was purchased by Daryl’s late father from the Kalp family. It is estimated to be 100-125 years old.  (Photograph) Artist: Alexis Dillon
Haymaker Farm Notecard Haymaker Farm … Export, Pennsylvania is the location of the Haymaker Barn which was built by John and Mary Kohosek 55 years ago. The property was in Mary’s family for many years before the barn was built and put into service.   (Watercolor) Artist:Susan Stephan Foster
Starry Night Notecard Starry Night … This barn is located on the Nike Road, Manor Borough, in Westmoreland County. It was built in 1868 and is presently owned by members of the Laffoon family, who are forty three year residents of the farm. Their deed lists former owners, Neleigh, Naley, Mellon and Marchand.
 (Watercolor) Artist: Gerry Beitel
David S. Pollins Barn Notecard David S. Pollins Barn … This majestic frame barn was built in Unity Township in 1849, to replace a log structure, by David S. Pollins. Overlooking Little Sewickley Creek, it enjoys a magnificent view of Chestnut Ridge. The manor house, built in 1853 of brick fired on the site, is still home to a great grandson.  (Watercolor) Artist: Sue Pollins
Gautland Dairy Notecard Gautland Dairy  This dairy farm has been owned and operated by the John Gaut family since 1925. The barn nearest the road, one of the original Sears and Roebuck barns, was built in 1929. The dairy barn, behind it, was built in 1952 to replace its original which burned one year earlier.  (Oil) Artist: Dawn Sherwood
The Johnson Farm The Johnson Farm … This farm was purchased around 1903 by the grandparents of the present owners, Helen and Arthur Johnson. The barn was built to replace the original, destroyed by fire in 1914. It is off Route 30 in Greensburg and is home to goats, sheep, horses, a mule and dogs and cats. The 1850 log house is registered by the Historical Society of Greensburg.
 (Watercolor) Artist: Elmer Knizner


Photographer for the Greensburg Art Club Note Card Projects was Richard McWherter.

For information on exhibits, purchasing art works or notecards, please call the Art Center at 724.837.6791 or email the Greensburg Art Center.