FEBRUARY 2012 Newsletter


Current Greensburg Art Newsletter

  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all who helped me get the Collected Treasures show off the ground. I was happy to survive this despite some mishaps along the way: How many of you noticed that I forgot to do the punch? Oh well. Anyway, there’s still a lot of art, crafts, and collectibles ready to go to a new home (and save me the trouble of packing everything up and storing again).  If you love anything as much as we did when we purchased these items, I am making a special offer to ALL GAC MEMBERS ONLY  – you may purchase any item for the reserve price this month BEFORE THE END OF THE SHOW.  I will be leaving for Austin to visit my son and his wife on the 18th or 19th of February and hope to see that we are close to a sellout.  Give me a call if you have any questions.  This applies to the work under Renie Pollock, Carol Pollock, Carol Johnston, and Diane Greubel.
  2.  A grant application was submitted  by the Development Committee to the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County for the electrical work in the classroom. We should have a response by late February.
  3.  Electrical work in the old classroom is now underway. Therefore, it is recommended that activities NOT be planned for that room until approximately Feb 5. If you are uncertain, please check with anyone on the Facilities Committee.
  4. It’s official – the upcoming member show “ReMEMBER When” will have Frankie Day of 770 AM serve as DJ for our opening reception on Saturday May 12 from 1 – 3 PM.  Start working on your entries and bring your dancing shoes for the Big Day.
  5. Plans are underway to prepare our lower level studios for the NEA Grant August 2012 Workshop for the Integration of Clay, Printmaking, and Photography which was recently awarded to our center. Any persons interested in working on this special public event should contact Renie so that a committee can be established for this HUGE EVENT!  I have an in-depth strategy meeting scheduled for January 24 at 1 PM. Specific goals will include planning extra activities to enhance the main workshops so that this can become an inside-outside event with music, food, demonstrations, and possibly an outdoor artist’s market.  All ideas are welcome and much work lies ahead. Don’t be afraid to join in to whatever level of commitment that you can offer.   ALL help is greatly appreciated – no effort is too small. Feel free to join us.
  6. As with any of our activities, if you are interested in getting more involved or would like to share any ideas, issues, or comments, please feel  free to contact me.

Home: (724) 423-5933

Cell: (724) 396-6699

Email: style_and_substance_gallery@yahoo.com

I also encourage you to stay informed about our activities by reading your newsletters thoroughly, attending meetings, volunteering to assist on committees, or even running for office. We need YOU to make this YOUR CLUB. Let me know how I can help make this happen.


Next Meeting: February 13, 2012.  7 pm  In lieu of a guest speaker, the Executive Committee will host a round table to discuss innovations, renovations and long term goals for the art center.


 Upcoming Exhibitions:                                    David Ludwig                        March 16 – April 20

                                                            ReMEMBER When            May 11 – June 22  (Member Exhibition)

                                                            Maura Koeler Keeney            July 13-Aug 24


Members Show: ReMEMBER When Prospectus included. Channel your inner DOO WOP. Harkin back to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for this nostalgic exhibition. Opening reception, Saturday, May 12  2-4 pm features Frankie Day with music from the 1960-1990’s. EXHIBIT DATE May 11, 2012 – June 22, 2012.


From the education committee: The education committee is in the midst of organizing Spring classes. Once again, there will be a wide range of choices – art history, painting in both watercolor and oils, ceramics, jewelry and more. The children’s classes will start on Saturday, March 24. Most adult classes will begin in March. Various workshops will be later in the Spring. A “Fancy Nancy” party for little girls will be in May. The Spring fliers should be out the second week of February.

A GAC Comic and Cartooning Club  Wednesdays: 4:30 to 6:00 pm! Call 724-837-6791 for details and to enroll (ask for Nancy).  http://www.greensburgartclub.org/cartoon.html


Greensburg-Hempfield Library Art Exhibit
Jan 23-Mar 9, 2012  Jerry Scorpion, Oil Paintings. Jerry’s Opening  Reception: at the library February 19, 2-4 pm  to celebrate Jerry’s works and this new collaboration between Greensburg Art Center and Greensburg-Hempfield

Mar 26-May 11, 2012            Wendy Arentzen            Acrylics, pencil

May 28-July 13, 2012            Helen Thorne                        Mixed media

July 30-Sept 14, 2012            Cathy Rosensteel            Painting & Drawing

Oct 1-Nov 16, 2012            Rose Hastings                        Tole painting

Dec 3, 2012-Jan 18, 2013           

Waiting list:            Peg Panasiti                       

Susan Ray            Watercolor            Library. Note your invitation included in this newsletter.



Contact:    Pat Majcher Cell: 724-244-6584                  Sue White

Home: 724-527-3761                                    Home: 724-832-5801 Cell: 724-972-9916

majr1186@comcast.net                                    sue_white@comcast.net

Rose Sovyak                                                      Jerry Scorpion

Home: 724-853-1822


If you’ve been looking for a fulfilling activity that would be a gift to your GAC and my GAC, you might consider signing up to monitor for three hours (or more!) each month in the gallery and classroom. Those who serve are indispensable to the GAC’s everyday operation and deserve our heartiest thanks. Call me at 724-863-8575, Betty Reese


If you are interested in teaching a course at the art center, fill out the Teachers Response Form on the web, email/return it to the center, Attn: Education Committee, Greensburg Art Center, 230 Todd School Road, Greensburg PA 15601

Hourly teacher reimbursement:

3 students – $10; 4 students – $12 (may be cancelled at teacher discretion)

5-7 students – $15; 8-12 students – $20; 13 or more students – $25

The “teacher response form” for fall classes can be accessed on the web, follow the link on the main page.

or go to http://www.greensburgartclub.org/TeacherResponseForm.pdf


Members are encouraged to “friend” Greensburg Art Center on Facebook. This is a way for our

information to get out to more people in the community. If anyone has information to make Facebook

more productive for the club, contact Pat Majcher at majr1186@comcast.net.


CLASSES / WORKSHOPS Open Studio Weekdays 10 am – 1 pm, Wednesday Evening 7:00pm

To begin again in the fall – 3D Studio Tues. 6:30-9:30pm             $3.50


Monday Figure Sessions (4th Monday of each month from 7 to 9:45 pm). Monitor: Marcie Koynok. There will be clothed/nude models. $ 8.50 fee includes a studio fee of $3.50 for the Center and the model’s fee


Temporary Inconvenience: Work to replace wiring and lighting in the ceiling of the schoolhouse studio will begin the weekend of January 21 and continue for several weeks. Not only will safety be improved; we should save 80% of our costs with the updated light fixtures. Classes are welcome to make use of the gallery or 3-d studio during this time. Cell: 412-558-0810


Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

GAC is supporting the efforts of Seton Hill Graduate Art Therapy Student, Jennifer Rozell, and SATA (Student Art Therapy Association) in celebration of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.  This activity is aimed for the IDD group and their families with the host site at Greensburg Art Center.

February 18 and February 25, 2012 from 1:30 to 4:00 pm (inclement weather date to be February 26).

Rhonda Pegg has committed to the weaving activity with Nancy Dalverny as assistant, along with Seton Hill volunteers.  Pat Majcher: printmaking activity at the February 25 session, and at least one volunteer from GAC would be helpful, to supplement those from Seton Hill.


Newsletter Submissions – Bonnie Hoffman- newsletter@greensburgartclub.org

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